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“River of My Soul” ~ 2008 Toronto Exclusive Magazine Award Winner for Best Canadian Blues CD/Album

“River of My Soul” ~ 2008 Western Canadian Music Awards Nominee for Outstanding Blues Recording


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Blues Underground Network Review of "Mud Dog ~ Sun "

"Sun" is essentially a Best of Album and a Live Album, all in one, but with a newer more refreshing fill, without the Cut and Paste approach that plagues so many Best of Albums. To be honest, I don't think that you could get any truer sense of what it would be like to see this amazing Duo in person than by listening to "Sun". Mud Dog, once again, has continued to impress me with their amazing talent of bringing great sounding Blues to the forefront. With "Sun", they have once again managed to release an exceptional album of Blues, surely destined to be another one of this years more acclaimed Blues releases. "Sun" gets my highest rating of 5*****, with no problem at all. Highly Recommended and Thoroughly Enjoyed...

~John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)


Blues Underground Network Review of "River of my Soul"

Every now and then the essence of what really makes a good Blues Album rises to the top of the heap. Such is the case with Mud Dog's new release "River of My Soul". Based out of Vancouver, Canada, the four piece band that forms Mud Dog once again proves that this great country of ours truly has it's share of great musicians, especially when it comes to the Blues. With it's amazing vocals, harmony, and a more then generous helping of harmonica, "River of My Soul", takes you on a gentler journey of the Blues, one which will leave you with a genuine feeling that you are listening to something refreshing and new. From the title track "River of My Soul" to it's fitting finale "The Edge", this CD is guaranteed to make you a fan of Mud Dog if you have not previously been, and more of a fan if you have.

"River of My Soul" is a must have CD for any fan of the Blues.

~John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)


"Devil's Ride" Added to DJ Durzle's Set List in Second Life

DJ Durzle Darkstone ~ Date: 5/26/2008

You know, I gotta tell you, I've always loved what I've heard coming out of Canada!  Great stuff here with Devil's Ride.  I'm definitely looking forward to including this in my set in the next few weeks. 

Keep in mind, you are more then welcome to come by and check out my set.  I spin every Wednesday night at either The Horizontal Boogie Bar, or at Toby's Juke Joint from 7pm till 9pm SLT.  Feel free to drop me a note in world.  All the best, and thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to highlight your music to the patrons of the blues in Second Life.  All the best!


Durzle Darkstone


Mud Dog "River of My Soul" ~Sarah Payne: Tri-City News 

Published: July 22, 2008 6:00 PM

Steve Sainas and his band Mud Dog have already debuted their latest CD, River of My Soul, at venerable Vancouver blues bar The Yale Hotel, but it’s the Sunday afternoon show in Lions Park they’re really looking forward to.

Everything about the group’s sophomore album has been born and bred in Port Coquitlam, said Sainas, a Terry Fox secondary teacher, making the Lions Park gig their much anticipated hometown “coming out.”

The 11 original songs on River of My Soul are written by Sainas and are largely acoustic based, relying on the mingling of Sainas on acoustic guitar and Christopher Allen on harmonica for a classic delta blues sound.

“It’s a search for light in this very troubled world,” Sainas described. Songs like “These Bones are Bare,” “I’m Leavin’” and “Stop the Show” express a frustration with today’s busy work life and the increasing difficulty to simply make ends meet.

But “River of My Soul,” “Live for Today” and “The Edge” offer a bright note, reminding that frustration is only apparent when we lose sight of the things that truly matter — love, family and good health.

“This CD is an attempt to help me keep these things a priority in my life, and hopefully connect with others who may feel the same way,” Sainas said.

One of those priorities is teaching.

Sainas leads the recording arts class at Terry Fox, along with the Rock School program; he’s been using his experiences creating the latest CD to bring a real-world edge to the classroom. The song writing, recording, production and even album cover art were done at Fox using the latest technology, in an ongoing professional development project that Sainas is also using for credit in Simon Fraser University’s TLITE (Teaching and Learning in a Technology Environment) program.

Through Sainas’s CD, students are learning how to network in the music business and how professional societies help young musicians advance their careers.

Creating the CD means Sainas gets to practise what he teaches — be a passionate lifelong musician, and create music simply for the love of it.

• Mud Dog plays at Lions Park July 27 from 2 to 4 p.m. Check

[email protected]


"Mud Dog ~ River of My Soul" listed #5 Canadian Blues CD on Blues Underground Network's "Top 10 Blues CD Releases for 2008"





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